About Us

a little bit of background

The family moved into Waterloo Farm at the end of the 19th century, and have been here ever since, Jim is now the 5th generation of the family to farm at Waterloo and since he and his wife Katrina joined parents, John and Alison, in the farm business there are new plans to fulfil and exciting times ahead.

Of course, changes have taken place over the decades but also many things have remained the same, for instance, we have replanted the old orchard using original varieties of tree, but we also added a few newer (and sweeter) varieties as well, so sampling the results is always fun, whether crunching an apple or drinking the cider! Great grandpa would recognise most aspects of what goes on here today, and always one to be moving with the times, we feel that he would have been delighted to see the development of holiday cottages in the lovely old buildings, now outdated for farm use, and giving them a new and useful purpose.

We have great respect for the work done by our forebears and can see their hand everywhere, from the beautifully constructed cornish hedges to the skilfully cut Delabole slates on the roofs of the barns, this encourages us to continue integrating artisan crafts and the old knowledge of the countryside with modern farming life and we hope that the outcome is a harmonious and natural environment which our visitors will find refreshing and relaxing.

Our aim

Waterloo Farm

The whole family enjoy sharing their love for this place with our guests and hope they will love it too!

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